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Welcome to Our First Blog

Updated: May 6


This is Mrs I&A

I hope you are all well and safe in these crazy times.

Welcome to our blog, I'm a little nervous about having a blog because I feel like the grammar police will come at me, but please bear with me. :)

We are @iandaevents and are based in Glasgow Scotland and specialise in balloon and event design for all occasions, such as birthdays, hen parties , anniversaries, weddings and much more.

We started I and A events around 2 years ago. The idea really came out of nowhere,

The story goes, When I joined instagram all of those years ago, the first company I followed was Boutique Balloons By Melbourne. These guys are the OG'S when it comes too balloons. Their designs are fab, check them out on instagram.

I always wondered how do they make balloons into that shape, how do they make them look like they are floating without helium, how do they attach them. I wanted to know all of the industry secrets.

So one day while I was talking to Mr I&A, I just came out with it and said I really want to learn how to do this. I loved all things decor already. So after a lot of research, practice and patience, here we are 2 years later creating these fabulous balloon statement pieces for our Glasgow customers.

I have attached some photos showing some beautiful designs we have created for our Clients. Let us bring your vision to life x

lots of love

Mrs I&A Events


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